Y is for Year.

Last week, on the first day of school (yes, I realize I missed my August 23rd deadline by two!), I heard Jodi greeting everybody with an enthusiastic “Happy New Year!” Such wise words, I thought to myself, especially now as I enter into my second year in San Francisco.
To commemorate that first year, I made a collage. If I've learned one thing from the Quakers, it's that thoughtful reflection is therapeutic. My collage looks like something out of a third grade art show, but essentially it did the job. It's amazing what a color printer and some Mod Podge can do!  For lack of picture proof, a lot of things are not included, but some memorable ones are: My first breakfast at Tartine, my first trip to the two story Target (with shopping cart escalator), carrying Stella in the Baby Bjorn, and of course, my trip with the 7th graders to Nicaragua.
As I embark upon my second year in the Friendly middle school world in San Paquito, I realize that I have gained not only an inspirational group of colleagues, several dear and devoted friends, and a loving and bearded boyfriend. I have also gained invaluable knowledge about the world, about being green, and about crafting.
But, like in all reflective practices, one cannot help get nostalgic.  As this Alphabet Summer draws to a close, I can't help but honor those ladies whose Tuesday evening traditions were my true inspiration.  May the crafting spirit stay alive for everyone!