I is for images.

News hot off the press!  Apart from the excitement that Spain is going to the World Cup finals, I'm excited to report that the non-existent eBay item was sold! The winner used cunning skill, determination and an iPhone from a remote location in order to secure the prize and steal the glory from the other competitors.  Congratulations to the winner, thanks to all of the bidders/smack-talkers, and more info to follow.
It wasn’t so much my imagination that sparked this homemade idea more than necessity. I spent the holiday weekend camping next to a strikingly beautiful river in Northern California, and over the course of this three-day trip, I produced three whole photographs of the experience. So I got home today and thought, “Boy, do I need a place for these three pictures or what?!”
In order to truly capture this “holy trinity” of camping photographs, I chose three colors. Green, naturally, because the campsite was surrounded by stunning pine trees, the river was overflowing with lush, mossy rocks, and the crisp, clean mountain water was a rich shade of aqua green. Purple, because someone brought blueberry Pop-Tarts that were a brilliant artificial violet tone. And pink, the color of everyone’s mosquito-bitten arms and legs after walking through the woods without bug spray.
To further add to the spirit of a true “rustic experience,” I also chose to use only three materials: fabric, thread and paper. The true backbones of the artistic experience. Also, I opted to not follow any sort of pattern. It was liberating! Like when you are camping and you don’t have a sense of time, but then you’re sort of nervous that time is important (and why am I not worrying about time? Which causes some anxiety.) So I winged it, not knowing any measurements, and not measuring, but being sort of nervous that measurements are actually important (and wondering why I wasn't more worried about measurements?! I was anxious.)
The final product fulfills it’s purpose for existing. It displays three photographs. It may not be flat, and it certainly isn’t symmetrical, but it sure does hold three images.

You’ll notice that it currently contains three “decoy photos.” The three outstanding camping photos are soon to come. Below you’ll find a preview.