F is for Fabric (and flowers)

After spending the better part of the weekend feeling like my project was out of control (how could I let it slip into the hands of those fools at PayPal!), I decided to revert back to some good old-fashioned Type-A sewing to regain my crafting karma.

I dusted off my Bernina machine, got out all of my fancy gorgeous fabrics, and checked myself into the SF Art Rehab clinic (my bedroom on 16th street.)

Two fabulous things flowered from this therapy session.

1. The Fabric Flower.

As I was going through my fabric (see above picture to understand the amazing-ness) I found the last scrap of my beloved artichoke print fabric!  Heaven!  So in a complete fit of crafting ADHD, I set my original piece aside and made this flower straight from my artichoke-heart.

Sidenote-  These button making thingies from Cliff´s Variety in the Castro (see below) are unbelievable.  I have never experienced such an amazingly incredible crafting tool.  They will literally blow your mind.

2. The Big Guy.

I will let the fabric magic speak for itsself:

Update on the eBay auction:  Two bids.  Let's give them some friendly competition!   You could get something like what you see above... Here's the link again: