Watercolor Quilting is here!

Exciting news coming at you from San Francisco! My Watercolor Quilting class is out on Creativebug! I am very excited to share my technique with you, and I hope you enjoy watching and learning from me.

Of all of my many classes and many wonderful memories of filming with the lovely people at Creativebug over the years, this one is certainly nearest and dearest to my heart. Teaching and filming my very own, developed and created all by me, Ashley-owned Watercolor Quilting technique is so special to me, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

In the above picture, you can see the VERY FIRST Watercolor Quilt, a.k.a. The Source. Those four turquoise brush strokes were where it all started, folks.

Head on over by clicking on the image above or this link to watch. And, I’d love to hear from you! If you make any Watercolor Quilts, tag me on Instagram @alphabetashley and use #watercolorquilting!

For you Bay Area people, come and take Watercolor Quilting in person! This class includes a full supply kit, and it’s an ideal way to experience the technique in all of its glory! My next in-person class is on September 17th at Handcraft Studio School in El Cerrito, CA.