My Book is Launching!

Here is a list of some of the Animal Kingdom’s notable gestation periods:

  • Orca whales: 17 months

  • Opossum: 12-13 Days

  • Giraffe: 15 months

  • Guinea Pigs: 59-72 days

  • Free-Motion Quilting 101 : 2 years

It’s happening!

After nearly 24 months cooking in the publishing process oven, my book, Free-Motion Quilting 101, is coming out on October 15th, 2019. The book writing process was rewarding in every possible way, and it’s release into your hands feels very much like climbing to the top of Everest and pitching an “I did it!” flag into the summit.

A few details:

  • You can pre-order the book on Amazon, and if you’re extra cool you can leave a review once you’ve received it on October 15th!

  • Once it’s released, you’ll be able to find it in most large retailers, including Joann Fabrics.

  • If you’re Bay Area local (or even if you’re not!) you are invited to my BOOK LAUNCH PARTY on November 23rd!