N is for Napkins

The British “serviette” sounds so much better, don’t you think?

But, alas, here in les Ètats-Unis, we use a word that also shares meaning with much grosser things. (Do you need a hint? OK, the British word for diaper, and the thing that shares its name Carmel’s beloved sidekick.)

THANKFULLY the Merriam Webster dictionary exists, otherwise we would still have our minds in the gutter (okay, probably just me, I would still have my mind in the gutter). Here is the definition:

nap-kin: n. A piece of material (as cloth or paper) used at table to wipe the lips or fingers and protect the clothes.

And so, behold, a DIY napkin tutorial, featuring some fancy free-motion quilting (oh là là!):

*In case you were wondering: The cotton-that-looks-like-linen fabric I used (pretty great, right?) comes from Satin Moon Fabrics on Clement Street.

1-Napkin-Setup 2-Sewing-Napkins 3-Plain-Napkins 4-Free-Motion-Napkin

Circle-1 Circle-2 Circle-3 5-Finished-Napkins 6-Finished-Napkins-Layered 6b-Free-Motion-Napkins 7-Napkin-Set 8-Napkin-Set-w-Bow

Violà! A gift set of Alphabet Summer napkins. I do love me a good monogram. And, très green, no?

P.S...I had big plans to celebrate “N for Neighborhood.” I even took several walks and snapped over fifty pictures of my favorite spots. Then, as I looked at one gray, fog-infused photograph after another, it just seemed like this week (well, month really) was not ideal, considering it’s the foggiest, coldest season of the year. But here's one anyway, capturing my favorite event in my hood. And then somehow everything got all French.