V is for Vinyl

I saw the movie “In a World” this weekend. It was the very first time I had gone into the theater knowing absolutely nothing about the film I was going to see… I just trusted that my friend Liz knew what she was choosing. I was NOT disappointed. It was an awesomely funny movie, and I LOVED it. So basically I’m going to steal the idea for the intro to this post.

Imagine that deep, gravelly voice-over actor (or actress!) saying this next line, as if it was a movie promo:

“IN A WORLD where teachers and students were dropping like flies, going back to school left and right, anxious and stressing themselves out... ONE WOMAN braved the Sunday doldrums and fought in an epic battle between a roll of iron-on vinyl and her iron… AND WON…”

Do you ever want to feel powerful and invincible? I do, a lot of the time. I’d like to have the “folding the laundry” superpower, which means that you never have to fold laundry. I’d also like the "flying" superpower, so that I didn’t have to spend $800 to get across the country. But alas, we are normal people, and we need to settle for our regular awesomeness, which, if we remind ourselves often enough, is a superpower in and of itself.

Enter, THIS project.

Last weekend I was in the bustling metropolis of Forest Grove, Oregon. Originally on a mission to find a florist for a hair decoration, sweet sewing serendipity lead me to the local quilt shop, where I discovered this awesome superhero fabric. And not just any superheroes, but the kind with boobs and female parts.


HELL-OOOO!? Just as I was looking to conjure my inner superhero! And I had been dying to use this new iron-on vinyl that I bought a few weeks ago… Picture it like I was running down the street tearing off my suit and tie to reveal my Supergirl leotard.

And, let's not overlook an important participant. Since Maude is kind of my hero... I used a little swatch of her fabric on the inside. I even cracked open a fresh spool of thread for the occasion!

Have a look:

2Vinyl-Wallet-Collage-First 3Thread-GIF 4Feet!-Collage 5Clasp-Collage 6Wonder-Woman-Final-shot 7Wallet-Standing 8Wallet-Inside-Shot 9Full-Wallet-Top-View 10Wallet-Full

Now, I’m not saying that the project was a disaster… I’m not saying that at all. But good LORD it was a testy opponent… at times acting like the classic villain, giving me skin abrasions and throwing stuff at me from out of nowhere. But I conquered this wallet. I beat it down with a pair of wire cutters (not kidding) and came out victorious! It is a full functioning wallet, taking on wallet shape and wallet form. It has a zipper, four credit card slots and a magnetic closure. Oh, SNAP. Literally. AND IT’S WATERPROOF BECAUSE I COATED IT WITH VINYL.


Bring it on, world.

You can find your own iron-on vinyl here on Joann.com. Just don't melt it with the iron.