Z is for Zig Zag & Zipper

1Z-PatchThe last letter of the alphabet. Whoa.

In true Grand Finale style, I decided to go all out and use the letter THREE TIMES for this project. Why not? And then, why not sew a big fat 3D letter "Z" on the project? And why not take two entire weeks after the letter Y to work on the project? Don't mind if I do.

Part 1: Zig Zag

Okay, so we already know I'm big on themes. And clearly, as evidenced in the letter W, one of my favorite things to do lately is sew triangles together to make a chevron pattern. I even used the triangle zig zag pattern as inspiration in designing fabric! So how could I resist making a zig zag on this clutch? Well I couldn't resist. I didn't resist.

It's so easy, really. You just have to respect the quarter-inch seam allowance:

2 Triangle-Set-up 2Quarter-inch-footOffset-Triangles-Corrected

Using the quarter-inch foot helps you get a nice, straight row of triangles, and give you enough of a seam allowance to sew the rows together and avoid chopping off the top of your triangle. I call this "Avoiding the Volcano."

4Triangle-Row--Final-2 5Triangle-StripsVolcano-Free

Part 2: Zipper Clutch

The zipper clutch has been on my mind for months. I'm not normally one for a "strapless" purse... Essentially, it's like carrying your wallet around in your hand all night. Um, who's got the energy to do THAT?! I have MUCH more important things to do with my hands, like play with my hair or rip labels off of beer bottles. And, I believe I've already discussed how I can't hold a yoga mat and a coffee at the same time.

But, I'm challenging myself to 1.) Get a grip, and 2.) Carry a freaking zipper clutch around for a change.

I'll let you know how it goes.

This bag was super fun to make, to boot. I used a bunch of upholstery fabric and wool suit material from the Fabric Outlet, plus some scraps I got last week at an event at the Museum of Craft and Design from FabMo. (Side note: Do you know about FabMo? Scraps of designer fabric? Donation-based? Yes please.)

6Zipper-Foot 7Purple-Insides 8Clutch-Flat-on-Table 9Flat-on-Table-Vertical 10Z-closeup 11z-Closeup-2 12Open-Wide 13Zig-Top 14ZipperClutchDid you see the bonus "Z" on the inside? Only visible when you unfold the bag to get inside.

And, that's the end, folks! I squeaked in just before the Equinox, thankfully.

I can't believe it! Stay tuned for a retrospective, a look back and a final recap of the summer.  And surely you know that this might be the end of Alphabet Summer 2013, but it's really only the beginning.