R is for Reading.

After the Patchwork Quilt fiasco, I was having trouble looking at the sewing machine.  And the hangover was pretty rough, so I had to come up with an activity that involved sitting still.
One of my favorite sitting-still summertime activities has been to listen to the radio program Forum with Michael Krasny for it’s entire two hour broadcast every morning, while working or doing things around the house (read: checking Facebook).  It’s really hit-or-miss, but one highlight was hearing David Mitchell (author of Cloud Atlas) talk about his new book, and then later that evening going with Chris to hear him read in Cut Wood, CA (Corte Madera).  He is an amazing writer! I haven’t read any of his books yet, but I just know!
Another highlight was the program on Mystery writers.  There were three guests (Cara Black, Jacqueline Winspear and a guy whose name I can’t remember), all mystery writers, and they were invited to discuss their books and the genre in general.  I have never really been a huge mystery reader, but something about them really grabbed my attention.  I really do want to attempt to tackle Cloud Atlas again, but these mystery books just seemed (how do I say it without offending anyone) more accessible.
So, since then I have started reading Murder in Belleville, part of Cara Black’s series that takes place in Paris.  Since, as some of you know, I have taken 16 weeks of French this year and am now not only a fluent French speaker but an expert on France in general, I liked the idea of reading about something familiar.  The main character is Aimée Leduc (whose mother was American, and in flashbacks featuring conversations with her, she refers to herself as Amy.)  The experience has been enjoyable, and I’m admittedly addicted to the plot.  And, once I find out who killed the poor woman in Belleville, I have the added satisfaction that there are 10 more books waiting for me in the series.  Since I’m currently 564th on the wait list for The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, it’s pretty likely that I’ll be spending some more quality time with Aimée.