K is for kids!

This week, instead of crafting in my habitual cramped quarters in California, I decided to look for inspiration elsewhere.  So, I took the big cross-country flight to meet my newborn niece, Stella K (K!)  Since I’ve arrived, I have received an education on kids, the having of them and, what’s slightly less time-consuming, the aunt-ing of them.
The first thing about kids to remember is that the are constantly producing fluids.  They need to change clothes about three times a day, because they either have a spit-up explosion, a pee explosion, or my personal favorite, a poop explosion. As a proud Tia, I’m happy to boast that Stella is good at all three!  A highlight of the trip was the day that Stella pooped in the bathtub.  This was a special day, not only because of the baby’s digestive fireworks, but also because it was the day that Bailey the Dog’s general anxiety level/ fear of thunderstorms/ slight younger sister jealousy manifested itself in the form of diarrhea.  Twice.  I thought picking up solid dog poop was thrilling, but this was taking it to another level.  But the poor thing, you can’t blame her! That small human steals all of the attention!
So I decided to help out the Kavanagh household by providing more onesies for the little star.  On Monday’s big outing, Jessi and I went to exotic New Jersey to Babies R’ Us and bought a package of onesies (I believe these are called growers across the Atlantic.)  We managed to make it one more stop (to Michaels for fabric paint) before Stella told us how she really felt about car travel.
The results?  A sleeping baby and an Oberon later: Emotional blackmail in its most familiar form.

*Note: Screen printing or stenciling on baby onesies: MUCH easier than hand painting!