Alphabet Winter Hibernation

The weather channel has issued an alert.  Family in the Midwest have called to taunt.  Even my friendly Street Sheet salesman, Slater, gave me the heads up as I came in the door yesterday...  it's going to snow in San Francisco this weekend.  That's right.  And it might even stick to the ground for a few minutes up on Twin Peaks. I know, it's ridiculous. Crazy weather!  Climate Change!  But I think an East Coast vs. West Coast 90's style feud has started.*  Finally, they say, those Californians are experiencing winterWe, they think to themselves, have been dealing with the worst winter since 1972 (date that is completely made up by author), it's about time they got a dose of true winter.  What people from The East don't seem to understand is just how cold 40 degrees (with rain and fog) in this godforsaken city can be.  Especially when you live in an old Victorian apartment with no central heating!  And then you and your two housemates plug in your space heaters at the same time, then someone decides to blow dry their hair, and poof!  No temperature difference between inside and outside.  It's enough makes one consider the advantages of being able to afford one's own apartment (equipped with heating and laundry) in Buffalo or Burlington.

For what you pay in San Francisco for a dingy, rundown studio in some rich family's basement, in Burlington you can get a NEW two bedroom apartment (Thanks, Craigslist!).  What I wouldn't do with a two bedroom!  Oh the crafting space!

That's it.  I'm following Lorien and Ryan out to Vermont.  It's just as weird and at least they know how to insulate their buildings!

In the mean time, though, those of us stay-cationers here in the Bay Area should all brace ourselves for the killer snowflakes that are headed our way.  Long johns and Smartwool socks, check.  Throat Coat tea, check.  Rain boots for the sure-to-be-rainy snowstorm... check.  See you on the flip side, friends.

*Please note: Author does not truly know who she is.  A Midwesterner? A Californian?  Feel free to state your opinion.