ABC... Easy as 3...2...1...

Well, it's that time of year again! It's a time when I say goodbye to teenagers and hello to two months of summer! And thankfully, since I live in San Francisco, my first day of summer vacation greeted me with cold, God-awful fog. A perfect day to stay inside and prepare for Alphabet Summer! Who needs sandals, sunglasses or outfits that don't require leggings? That's so "summer-normal." I love wearing my puffy jacket and Smart Wool socks in June!


As I'm drinking hot herbal tea, I'm also preparing for my "A" post. BREAKING NEWS: My sewing machine is IN THE SHOP until Wednesday. Gasp! It's okay, everybody, I'm actually totally geeked about what's coming up. Spoiler alert: Maxi and Carmel* are involved.

*If you're unfamiliar with Maxi and Carmel, don't fret. If you know them, then you're totally excited right now, aren't you?

So, my friends, let this post be the official countdown announcement for "Alphabet Summer 2013." It's on.

Say hi to Maxi!

See below for this year's Alphabet Anthem: