Watercolor Quilting

In this dynamic class, students will experiment with both painting with textile fabric and free-motion machine quilting. Students will paint their own designs on blocks of fabric and play with some pre-painted blocks. Then, we will explore free-motion machine quilting, getting the basics on thread choice and machine setup, and then diving into practice. Using the lines created by the paint as our guides, we’ll practice free-motion lines and patterns to create outlines and texture. It’s sure to be a colorful and inspiring day!

More Watercolor Quilting

This is a continuation of the Watercolor Quilting class, though the basic class is not a prerequisite. In this class, we will also use paint on fabric to create watercolor-like designs and patterns, but this class has an added focus on piecing. We will cut up our fabric and, using the design wall to play around with different compositions, students will start piecing together a unique quilt top. Part of the fun of this class will be using both traditional and improvisational piecing techniques to intuitively create a composition using our painted fabric. In the second part of class, we’ll play around with using applique to add layers and dimensions to our pieces. And since no Watercolor Quilting class would be complete without free-motion, we’ll have a chance to use free-motion quilting to create texture to our pieces.