Free-Motion Typography

Interested in honing your free-motion quilting skills? Want a technique that will not only teach you free-motion skills, but will allow you to include text on your quilts? Or quite simply, are you a FONT GEEK like me? Well, this is the class for you! 

In “Free-motion Typography,” we will explore different ways of creating text on quilts. To start, we’ll find a word or phrase to focus on for the class. Some might call this a mantra… think “I am a warrior,” or “I’ve got this.” Next, we will practice forming letters and phrases using Ashley's favorite block type. Then, we’ll explore YOUR style, and Ashely will teach you how to convert a font into free-motion text on your quilt. Finally, we’ll explore three-dimensionality and other tricks for incorporating your words into your quilts.

This class will include tips for successful free-motion quilting, applicable to any style of quilting. What could be more fun than quilting? Words on quilts, that’s what! AND using a MANTRA!? Come on! 

Basic Machine Quilting for Modern Quilters

In this class, students will learn basic machine quilting techniques using both straight lines and free-motion techniques. Students will get an in-depth intro to machine quilting, covering thread, needles, basting and machine set up. Students will also gain insight into creating a modern composition on their quilts using both marked and unmarked quilting patterns.

Beyond the Beginning: More Explorations in Modern Machine Quilting

Following Ashley’s “Golden Gate” series in which she takes designs from the stunning iron gates in her San Francisco neighborhood, students will learn how take patterns found in everyday life and convert them into beautiful machine quilting designs using both the walking foot as well as free-motion techniques. Ashley will walk students through the process of designing their own quilting motifs using images/objects found in their surroundings, and they will practice both marked and unmarked machine quilting. Students will walk away with not only more confidence in machine quilting, but the beginnings of a small wall hanging or quilt.