“Intuitive Quilting: From Tradition to Innovation.”
How I found my own unique style and how to do it yourself

When you are born into the tradition of quilt making like I was, it comes as second nature to have an affinity for the sacred three layers. In the first part of this lecture, I explore the rich tradition around quilt making in my life, and how I was both influenced and discouraged by my surroundings. I share stories from several of my mentors growing up, including my very own mom, Sue, as well as my aunt Pat and many of their influences.

But whether we are born into quilting or not, we all walk our own unique paths, and we all develop our own voice within our art. What are some of the pitfalls we experience along this path? Where do we look for guidance? How can our voices stand out amidst all the noise? In this lecture, I talk about what lead me to my own unique style of quilting, Watercolor Quilting, and I share stories from my own experience of following my own intuition and inner guidance, and offer my own guidance for quilters to do the same.  

This lecture offers a refreshing mix of modern quilt history, inspirational stories, and creative coaching. All quilters welcome!