What is Watercolor Quilting? It's only the best thing EVER!
I teach a variety of classes centered around my signature technique, which combines creating watercolor-style designs on fabric and free-motion quilting. In these classes, students will learn how I came to discover this magical combination of painting and quilting. Check your inner critics at the door, because there is no right or wrong with this technique, and it is accessible to anyone, regardless of experience level. 


My philosophy with free-motion quilting leans heavily toward the word FREE. In my classes, students will learn the ins and outs of how to be successful free-motion quilters. But most of all, they will learn to trust in their own abilities, and will discover the path to freedom with machine quilting, allowing them to do the unthinkable: quilt their own quilts! Students will play around with a selection of different patterns and styles of quilting, and much like learning to write in cursive, they will see how their own unique style emerges.  


I teach a range of online sewing, quilting, and teaching courses. In my classes, you'll learn basic sewing and quilting skills such as mitering corners, making and attaching bindings, and constructing simple quilt tops. Also, if you are an artist looking to incorporate teaching as a revenue stream, be sure to check out my “How to Teach a Craft Class” course.